Myline’s Bridal specializes in updating vintage wedding dresses for today’s trendy bride. Maybe you are sentimental about wearing a dress worn by your mother, grandmother, or another special person in your life. Or perhaps you have fallen in love with a wedding gown from a vintage shop. The nostalgic feel of a vintage or antique wedding gown can be priceless, but as the bride, you also want your gown to be unique and stylish, and to fit well. You may love the idea of using your mother’s wedding dress, but feel it is not really your style. The dress may also need to be altered to make sure it fits perfectly on your special day.

Myline has the creativity, experience and expertise to turn a vintage wedding gown into an incredibly chic bridal dress that will fit your vision and your wedding. Myline’s Bridal has helped many happy brides bring nostalgia and style to their wedding with a redesigned vintage gown.

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